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Check out these great new resources from the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, New York, March 21-24.

Moonish has designed and created thin magnetic plywood tiles dyed to look like classic quilt patterns. The company was founded by Giovanna and Matt Taylor of Brooklyn, NY. They silk screen the 6″ x 6″ tiles in a variety of colors and patterns, and these can be arranged to create wall art, backsplashes, borders, ceilings and other decorative surfaces. The magnets allow for easy application and removal. www.moonishco.com

Anna Karlin, a british born designer based in New York, has introduced her first collection of furniture and accessories. Her terrific Chess Stools are stylized gigantic chess pieces finished in a seductive brass. Brass features again as detail in a Dining Table. Her strong sense of form is also evident in her Ceramic Tableware and Glassware. www.annakarlin.com

Dan Levy Porcelain has introduced some elegant and innovative new dinnerware shapes to his existing collection of fine handcrafted custom porcelain. The new pieces consist of raised platforms with a concave “coupe” shape interior surface. The straight sides provide an opportunity for pattern or precious metal detailing. www.daniellevyporcelain.com

Justin Teilhet creates absolutely beautiful porcelain objects. The simplicity and elegance of the forms belies the dynamic quality each piece exudes. In describing his newest collection, fins, he says “once again the relationship between the pieces, the negative space, and the interplay are all as important as the objects themselves.” www.jteilhetporcelain.com


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